We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep The Tempest

- St John’s College Gardens(Entrance via Queen’s Road only)

Magic, romance and a deserted island form the setting for Shakespeare’s final masterpiece – a balance between the desire for revenge and the demands of love captures the essence of the human condition with its compelling and timeless themes. Marooned on a desert island with his daughter Miranda, Prospero has perfected his magic. He learns that his old enemies are sailing near the island and raises a tempest which brings them within his grasp. Through an enchanted tale of humour, romance and adventure, The Tempest is ultimately a story of redemption and forgiveness.

...this was brilliant ...a brilliant performance from a cast that cannot be faulted —Cambridge Evening News

Finished for 2016

The Tempest has now finished for 2016 - please join us for the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival in 2017!