Now put your shields before your hearts and fight  With hearts more proof than shields. Advance, my fellows! Coriolanus

- Robinson College Gardens

Shakespeare’s gripping drama of class conflict and political manipulation tells of General Caius Martius Coriolanus, who returns home from war to find himself at odds with his countrymen who see him as a tyrant looking for fame and glory. When his ambitious mother, Volumnia, tries to orchestrate formal recognition for her son, both the authorities and the people turn against him and an embittered Coriolanus sets out for revenge against those who have wronged him. Don’t miss this spellbinding study of the human condition.

A captivating and thoroughly entertaining production, sprinkled with stardust thanks to the hugely impressive cast. —The Times

Finished for 2016

Coriolanus has now finished for 2016 - please join us for the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival in 2017!